I'm Joe

I come from a town called St. Ives in the UK. The one near Cambridge. Yeah, I know, there's like three of 'em 😅. I'm based in Copenhagen, Denmark. When I'm not tweaking code or messing with making things, I love to take walks in the city. I work mostly with Unity/C#, but I'll adapt to learn and use whichever tool is right for the job at hand.

A few of the things that get me out of bed in the morning:

For more details, See my CV

Stuff I've done

Some of my favourite projects (more in my portfolio):

I hold an MSc in Games (Technology) from ITU and a BSc in Computer Game Development from UEL.

What I do

I develop games and other things - I work a lot with Unity and C#. I'm also familiar with C++, Python and HTML / CSS. I'm currently getting to grips with Godot. I love to bring great experiences to players with thoughtful, quality code. I love to mentor my peers / colleagues, playing a support role where I can.