Brain+ Enhance & Recover

Screeshot from Enhance, showing some of the cognitive training games, on a blue background with the heading "Get in the healthiest mental shape of your life". The game tiles, from top to bottom are an image of a surprised red dot on a sandy beach with the title "Attention Island: General Attention", An image of an unhappy red dot spitting out water in a pond with a bomb with the title "Ocean of Attention: Atetntion Capacity", an image of a floating red dot blowing the seeds from a dandelion against a clear blue sky with the title "Eye for Detail: Visual Perception", and the start of another game tile which is cut off, showing a red and pink vertical striped motif.


Enhance and Recover are a pair of cross-platform apps that use gameplay as a mechanism to improve cognitive function. Enhance is the consumer version, with Recover pitched at being medically validated for use in therapeutic applications.

Technology / key skills

  • Unity
  • Unity UI
  • Architecture
  • Systems
  • CI / CD
  • GitHub Actions
  • Custom tools / Unity editor

My role

Most responsibilities relating to the Unity codebase were within my tasks. I improved the app with bug fixes, and with progressive enhancements to the architecture of the app. I worked closely with the game designer, level designer and artist to implement gameplay changes to multiple games, ensuring that these continued to meet the scientific standards for cognitive exercise developed by our research department.