I’m Out (Prototyping 7: Game Feel)

View from inside the character's helmet, looking down towards the neon pink platforms and cyan buildings against the backdrop of space.

I’m Out is a prototype about finally saying to hell with this and leaving earth. Strap on your jetpack and jump to freedom.

A 2D platformer with a view perpendicular to the level? Fine, seems normal. How about we make that view first-person? It's quite janky, but it's a 'failed experiment' that worked out. It prevented us from spending too long on the idea. I'm Out served its purpose, to explore this viewpoint in a 2.5D world. It just wasn't a good fit.

Download for:

  • Android – Tilt (look) & Tap (jump)
  • PC – Mouse (look) & Click (jump)
  • Mac – Mouse (look) & Click (jump) N.b: Trackpads aren’t ideal.